Health is Local

Communities are made up of people. And community support is important for developing a loyal support base in the community.

Local ownership of senior housing provides local communities with investment opportunities that are financially rewarding and that support the local community’s economy in ways that large corporations cannot. But in order to achieve profitability, local owners of Minka Communities need the cost efficiencies of a large national company. In order to address this, Green Gate project decisions are made by the local directors and administrator, with all administration costs being shared among Green Gate’s regional projects.

Because the Kallimos Team is made up of leaders in the fields of geriatrics, skilled nursing, senior housing, including the founders and leaders of The Eden Alternative, each regional network will have the advantage of drawing on a deep global experience. By joining local projects into regional networks, best practices and shared services enable local owners to bring care using Eden Alternative principles to the community at affordable rates and earn a profit for their investors.

Better Care for Healthier Senior Housing


How we Stay Local

We Partner with Local Communities

We attract a talented local board by bringing on local leaders and investors to oversee each Kallimos Community. We create deep roots in each local community: We get early support in face-to-face meetings and local advertisement to generate pre-construction support and in the construction phase to support pre- opening sales.

Debt will be placed on top of the equity to complete the majority of the financing required. Local investors who form the civic and business leadership of a local community will provide local support and assist with initial marketing to the community.

We continue to work in the community with church outreach, aging center sponsorship, etc. to continue to bring patients into the campus. By doing so, we aim to make an impact in local communities throughout the country. And we strive to be the best.