Supporting Well-Being

Through Innovations in Community, Architecture and Technology

The business of Green Gate Fund is the development of Senior Living Communities under the brand The Canopy.

Green Gate plans, develops, and operates long-term care communities driven by the purpose to create connections between people. We compared the service philosophy of growing companies against those that are either stagnant or declining. The results paint a clear picture. Growing companies prioritize customer success. We deviate from the traditional view of ‘medical-centered care’ to a philosophy that’s person oriented and proactive.

We aim to rapidly expand the number of these communities in the US by working with local teams of investors and project leaders. Our model is unique in that we emphasize incorporating local investors and local civic and business leaders to create local loyalty. This goodwill is expected to translate into better patient centered care, higher occupancy and increased profitability.

Our Green Gate team is comprised of savvy entrepreneurs and industry experts, bringing years of experience to a young company. They cultivate our strong culture and work tirelessly to help our company scale, grow, and succeed.


Why we’re here.


We address the critical weakness in the current system which, has until now, forced elders into a decision of either facing their days alone at home or moving into a senior housing facility that is designed in large complexes around centralized service delivery models. Both options create an environment that isolates the elder, leading to loneliness, a loss of sense of well-being and a deterioration of wellness. Green Gate’s communities allow elders to join a community.

The field of aging is moving away from facilities and institutions and toward home and community-based services. Simultaneously, older people are becoming disenchanted with age segregation and increasingly open to multi-generational housing options.

The Kallimos model is the culmination of Dr. Thomas’ lifelong commitment to supporting well-being through innovations in community, architecture and technology.  This new model incorporates architectural design innovations of Minka, principles of the Eden Alternative, lessons from the Green House Project, and insights gleaned from decades of working with and learning from elders. Kallimos is both a place and way of co-living where people can have a home of their own, foster friendships and cultivate the reciprocity that is essential to protecting and extending one’s ability to live independently and retain their human dignity.

About Kallimos

This approach to “elder-rich” co-living was developed by Dr. Bill Thomas in 2018. It represents a revision and extension of his earlier innovations, the Eden Alternative and the Green House. The core of the model first found expression in two novels published by Thomas. In the pages of “In the Arms of Elders” and “Tribes of Eden” Kallimos is presented as “the heart of the world” and as a thriving multi-generational community that is shaped and guided by its elders.

Kallimos extends this fictional presentation through the use of something Thomas calls the “Triple Alloy.” According to Dr. Thomas, the experience of aging in community is defined by the interwoven elements of architecture, culture and technology. While other models have focused on one (or perhaps two) of these elements, Kallimos is designed to synthesize all three.


Our Approach

With Adults Of All Ages And Abilities In Mind

Multi-Ability means we welcome people of all abilities to join in community. All physical and cognitive abilities are respected and welcome at Kallimos, so whether you experience some sort of limitation or you feel unstoppable, there is a home for you here.

Multi-Generational means we welcome people of all ages to live in community. From college students who are finding their way in life to elders who have seen it all, the Kallimos community needs your special insights, your unique energy and your kind companionship to flourish.

Inclusive means that people are not excluded from Kallimos because of age or wellness. Traditional senior communities exclude the young and nursing facilities exclude those who are well. Loved ones are separated when a spouse needing nursing moves for care and adult family members are denied the ability to live with her to help with her care.  Kallimos thrives in diversity.

Co-living Community.  People have been striving to find the right balance between community and privacy. Some arrangements have an abundance of community but lack sufficient privacy. Others offer so much privacy that the feeling of belonging to a community is missing. Our vision of co-living strives to get this balance – just right. People living at Kallimos have a home of their own and also share in community meals and social activities. This is a place where we people can have good neighbors and be a good neighbor.